Company Advantages

The value and advantages of offshore companies have long been identified and because of this, offshore companies have warranted thorough yet balanced regulations that enable them to effectively serve their primary purpose while reducing the incidence of abuse.

Tax competition has stood at the core of offshore companies as effective entities for undertaking business on an international scope. Since capital flight is often said to be encouraged by more attractive fiscal systems abroad, offshore companies along with the territories in which they are incorporated come under the brunt of criticism of certain countries. But, what often goes unmentioned is that the assets and finance acquired by offshore companies are more than likely repatriated to these countries, usually leaving offshore havens to merely earn from the formation and annual maintenance fees that offshore companies pay. Tax competition is thus a major offshore company advantage in obliging governments to review their taxation policies and reduce corporate and other taxes accordingly so that corporations and individuals alike can survive financially without feeling overburdened by taxes. This advantage of offshore companies is of international scope in that every country can be a tax haven in reference to another and demands cooperation in the formulation of bi- and multilateral investment treaties, anti-double taxation treaties and other trade incentives.

There are many benefits to be derived from such dual nationality programs whereby foreign nationals can forge new business partnerships and families can safely plan estate. We offer attractive fees prices and work closely with agents for St. Kitts Dominica passport which has attracted hundreds of foreign investors. There is also the Dominica economic citizenship program to which a real estate option was added under a citizenship by investment scheme. Our reliable second citizenship consultants provide guidelines with second citizenship applications and other offshore services such as offshore banking accounts. Grenada second passport program has been indefinitely suspended but information on how that second passport program operated is available. Second passports are beneficial in several ways. Support is readily provided for second citizenship applications and other offshore formation products.

Offshore companies are not only about tax minimization, but has the potential of helping to stimulate economic activity just as an multinational corporation/enterprise or domestic company, and are very much the players of the multiple and sophisticated transactions that occur in international financial centres. In this context, substantial economic activity encouraged by an offshore company as a result of its investment in a specific location gives rise to many offshore company advantages like job creation, foreign exchange, stimulating the growth of ancillary and supporting businesses such as banks, insurance companies, technical and other professional companies.

Infrastructural development is closely related to these offshore company advantages in terms of telecommunications, the purchase of office supplies and furniture and upgrading buildings and plants for lease or purchase. Offshore companies that impact the communities in which they operate may provide training and education, thereby enriching the local labor force with better skilled workers and professionals. This offshore company advantage is highly desired by territories in which offshore companies are based and can be ensured to the local public through proper regulations and the establishment of national human resource policies.

In support of the latter offshore company advantages, access to international and offshore banking institutions enable offshore companies to trade and transact seamlessly. More advanced banking services and product offerings introduce individuals and corporation to private banking, strengthening their capacities to plan their financial affairs in a manner that is necessary for managing wealth, planning taxes, succession, inheritance and investment strategies. These advantages of offshore companies redirect the focus of asset protection from the sense of ‘hiding money or estate’ from a spouse or creditor (as often thought in certain circles) and instead places the emphasis on pursuing the continuity of a business or wealth under the name of a family, corporation or for the well being of a specific group of persons such as children or political/religious movements or charities, just to name a few. To achieve these ends, offshore companies can establish foundations and maintain a certain degree of separation between the beneficial owner of the company and the foundation, the company included, so as to protect assets.

Yet more offshore company advantages can be created with the proper and tactical use of offshore companies.

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